LASIK Eye Surgery FAQs

Is LASIK permanent?

The change to the shape of the cornea created by the LASIK procedure is permanent. However, the lens inside the eye continues to change due to the aging process. This is why many patients will need to start wearing glasses again in their 40’s and 50’s. Initially people will need to wear glasses for reading but often the patient will need to wear glasses for both reading and distance vision. When this occurs, it is likely that the patient may have the beginning of cataract formation.

What should I expect before LASIK and during my evaluations?

We offer a FREE consultation to determine if you are a candidate. You should expect to be in our office no longer than 30 minutes for that consultation. If you are a candidate for LASIK, you will be asked to not wear your contact lenses for two weeks leading up to your full LASIK evaluation. Wearing contact lenses changes the shape of the eye. By discontinuing contact lens wear, we will be able to obtain optimal measurements. During your pre-op evaluation you will be dilated, which could result in blurry vision for up to 24 hours. You should expect to be in our office for your pre-op for 1 ½ hours.

Will my LASIK eye surgery be performed in the office?

All exams and post ops are performed in our office. The actual LASIK procedure will be performed at our laser center, Suburban Excimer Laser Center. The address for the laser center is 3999 Dutchmans Lane, Medical Plaza 1, Suite LL-F.

How long does LASIK eye surgery take to perform?

The surgery itself only takes 1-2 minutes per eye. You will need to plan on being at the surgery center for 1 hour the day of surgery. This will allow our staff to retake and confirm all measurements and to prepare you for the procedure.

What is the recovery time for LASIK?

Typically, most people can go back to work the day after having the procedure. Most people that have LASIK done see well enough that they can drive the day after the procedure. The main restrictions are no swimming for one week, no make-up for one week and you must avoid any eye rubbing for one week.

How old do you have to be to get LASIK?

The FDA mandates that near-sighted patients must be 18 years of age prior to having LASIK and their prescription cannot have changed more than a half diopter in the previous 12 months. If the patient has nearsightedness and significant astigmatism, the patient must be 21 with a stable prescription prior to the procedure.

What type of anesthesia does Dr. Burns use for LASIK eye surgery?

You will be awake and comfortable during the procedure. Anesthetic drops are used to numb the eye. You will also be given Xanax prior to the procedure to help calm any nerves.

How many appointments will I need after LASIK eye surgery?

After your LASIK procedure you will need to return to our office the following day and then at 1 week, 3 week and 3 months following the procedure. You will see Dr. Burns at every appointment before and after your procedure.

Does LASIK eye surgery hurt afterwards?

No, having LASIK eye surgery typically does not cause pain. It can cause a foreign-body sensation, causing the eyes to feel scratchy afterwards, which is mainly from dryness. Sometimes patients will have light-sensitivity for a couple of hours after the procedure. Dr Burns will recommend either an over-the-counter, preservative free eye drop or a prescription eye drop to help with the irritation.

What is the main risk of having LASIK?

There is less than a 1 in 1000 chance of having a vision-threatening complication from LASIK. Dr. Burns will discuss the risks and benefits with you during your pre-op appointment. Each patient is different, but possible side effects are dry eyes, halos and starbursts. Dr. Burns sees every patient before and after surgery.

How long will it take my vision to clear after LASIK eye surgery?

Most people notice a great difference at their one day postop appointment, but vision can sometimes flucuate for a few weeks.

How do I know if I am a candidate for LASIK eye surgery?

The first step is to schedule your free LASIK evaluation to discuss if you would be a candidate for LASIK eye surgery. If so, we will schedule you to come back for a full dilated exam prior to scheduling LASIK eye surgery.

How long do LASIK eye surgery results last?

LASIK correction usually lasts for many years but there are some patients who may require enhancement treatments. Usually enhancements are done in the first 3 months after the original surgery. Many patients develop cataracts years after LASIK and these patients can undergo cataract surgery which often will provide much clearer vision.

If I decide to have LASIK performed, will my insurance cover any of the cost?

No, unfortunately insurance does not cover LASIK. Your cost at our office will be $1795.00 per eye.

Is there financing available for LASIK?

We offer multiple payment options, including financing thru Care Credit financing. They offer up to 24 months interest free.

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