“Thank you very much in making my cataract surgery a success. My world is much brighter now. I appreciate each and everyone of you.”
Rosemary W.

“This past summer I noticed a change in my vision that started to affect my daily life. I was unable to see the golf ball or see at a distance clearly. During my yearly eye exam with Dr. Burns, he informed me that I had cataracts and surgery would be my best option. I decided to proceed with surgery and I elected to have a Premium Lens implanted so that I could be glasses free. This was the best decision for me! I am able to track and see all of my golf shots even as far as 200 plus yards out! I also went from having several pairs of reading glasses to being able to read without glasses at all. I highly recommend Dr. Frank Burns if you need cataract surgery!!”
-David W.

“Dr. Burns is the finest doctor I’ve ever known. Let me tell you why.
I first knew Dr. Burns because my 90+ mother told us she was having trouble seeing. Her ophthalmologist couldn’t find anything wrong, so we asked her other physicians to recommend other doctors. None of those doctors were successful in diagnosing a problem (other than her glaucoma) yet mom still complained of poor vision and was terrified of going blind. Finally, someone suggested Dr. Frank Burns in Middletown. Even though mom could not help much in explaining what was wrong Dr. Burns immediately ascertained that she had a sever form of macular degeneration. He got her an appointment with a specialist. Working together, those tow helped her maintain her sight for the rest of her life.
After that everyone in my family changed to Dr. Burns. He is friendly and thorough, encourages questions and explains everything. The staff has been knowledgeable and professional. You never feel rushed or hurried.
During the past year I developed problems in my right eye from previous surgeries done by another doctor. I had been told by another physician that nothing could be done to help me see better in that eye. Dr. Burns asked me a few questions and said he thought my problem was a cataract. He was meticulous in taking measurements, employing a new device that helps people like me who have had previous surgeries. He was tireless in getting exactly the right information. My vision in that eye went from 20/80 to 20/25. It’s more than I ever could have hoped for. So, I feel like I am living proof that if you want/need the best eye doctor, Frank Burns is the one!”

-Leslye A.

Dr. Burns listens to the patient and works with finding the simplest solution first.


All of the technicians were informative and very professional and Dr. Burns was excellent!

-Jeff H.

Dr. Burns staff allowed us to have an appointment on a moments notice at the end of the working day. They had many on staff and all were very efficient and courteous. Dr. Burns quickly made an accurate diagnosis. Thanks for the great care.

-Joseph M.

“I got Lasik!! Never in my lifetime did I think I would be able to do it but I did. I highly recommend Dr. Frank Burns with Middletown eye care! I am probably one of his most uncooperative and difficult patients. But he is one of the most patient and intelligent doctors that I’ve ever met. He even PERSONALLY called me at home following the surgery to check on me. If you are even slightly considering getting it done I promise you that if I can do it anyone can!!!!

I’m SO happy to say…

  • No more getting my glasses stuck in my shirt when I try on clothes or change,
  • No more waking up in the middle of the night or the morning reaching for my glasses to only knock them on the floor ending up on my hands and knees searching for them blindly.
  • No more glasses fogging up.
  • No more getting my hair stuck in the frames
  • No more putting in/cleaning contacts and feeling the solution run down my arm to my elbow.
  • No more struggling with getting the contact’s in or out
    -Bobbi B.”

    “The Cataract Surgery has been a real success, my Vision is finally restore without any blurriness. this specially more of a challenge because of my use of Coumadin. Thank you the wonderful work done in my eyes.”

    -Cecillia P.

    I am so grateful to Dr Burns for giving me back the sight in my right eye & allowing me to see distance without glasses. Before my cataract surgery my right eye measured 20/80. Now it is 20/25 even with underlying issues. He understands how precious your eyesight is to you and is a perfectionist in taking measurements & tests. He calls you the evening of your surgery. He and his staff want you to have a great experience that will enable you to see things you never thought were possible again . I wholeheartedly recommend him!
    -L. Alvey

    Dr. Burns is a fantastic doctor. I had a cataract removed last week. He called me that night from his cell to check on me. The office staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. Placing your eyesight in the hands of the right doctor is so important! So glad I found his practice!
    – J. Chesher

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