Leslye A.

“Dr. Burns is the finest doctor I’ve ever known. Let me tell you why.
I first knew Dr. Burns because my 90+ mother told us she was having trouble seeing. Her ophthalmologist couldn’t find anything wrong, so we asked her other physicians to recommend other doctors. None of those doctors were successful in diagnosing a problem (other than her glaucoma) yet mom still complained of poor vision and was terrified of going blind. Finally, someone suggested Dr. Frank Burns in Middletown. Even though mom could not help much in explaining what was wrong Dr. Burns immediately ascertained that she had a sever form of macular degeneration. He got her an appointment with a specialist. Working together, those tow helped her maintain her sight for the rest of her life.
After that everyone in my family changed to Dr. Burns. He is friendly and thorough, encourages questions and explains everything. The staff has been knowledgeable and professional. You never feel rushed or hurried.
During the past year I developed problems in my right eye from previous surgeries done by another doctor. I had been told by another physician that nothing could be done to help me see better in that eye. Dr. Burns asked me a few questions and said he thought my problem was a cataract. He was meticulous in taking measurements, employing a new device that helps people like me who have had previous surgeries. He was tireless in getting exactly the right information. My vision in that eye went from 20/80 to 20/25. It’s more than I ever could have hoped for. So, I feel like I am living proof that if you want/need the best eye doctor, Frank Burns is the one!”

-Leslye A.

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